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                                      Show Acts & Workshops mit den Weltstars 2017: 
 Leyla Roland2017   Soraia2    NikaMlakar
Leyla Jouvana & Roland
  Soraia (Kairo / EG)  

Nika Mlakar (SLO)

Silvia10    Latifa4    HafidaChader3
 Silvia Salamanca (USA)   Latifa Nejim (UKR / RUS)   Hafida Chader (DZ / FR)
 foxy10    EbruBekker NeuWeb klein    Vanesa4
Foxycat Alice (Hongkong)   Ebru Bekker (RUS)   Vanesa Moreno (ES)
  Queenie6             AmiraAbdi   KristinaMnoyan5 kleinweb
Queenie (BE)   Amira Abdi (UKR / RUS)   Kristina Mnoyan (RUS)
HelenSaida    Esmii2webkleiner   Carmina
Helen Saida (GER)   Esmii (FR)    Carmina (GER)
Lejla6   Junko    

Lejla Mehmedovic (BIH)

  Junko (JAPAN)     
































































































Show - Gala & Nachmittags - Gala I - III

mit internationalen Weltstars wie z. B.:


Nilay Engin (USA/Türkei)  
Natasha Korotkina (China/Ukraine)  
Natasha Korotkina Natasha Korotkina -
One of the famous , brightest Fusion Bellydancer which has her own unique special individual performance style and technic of Bellydance -Fusion./Tribal-Fusion & show-Bellydance


1.GRAND CHAMPION ~QUEEN of "DANCE FOR UNITY"2015 ; ChinaBellydance# Shanghai ;
1st Place in Fusion Category DFU /BDC 2015 ;

2.GRAND -CHAMPION Of PRESIDENT CUP HK 2016#International BellyDance Competition#HongKong#Fusion ;

3. "TRIBAL-KONG 2015 "
Performer on GALA-SHOW &workshops tribal -Festival;

4. "Asia Bellydance Festival "
Performer on Gala -Show / judge and Workshops...;

5. "Tribal Era 216" Beijing
Perform on Gala -Show ;

6. "Beijing Universal Bellydance
Festival 2016
Perform on Gala-Show\ Workshops

7. WORLD CUP Champion 2012
(International Dance Federation-Professional, Solo World Cup#Fusion) ;

8. Winner of " Eastern Europe Cup# IAED#Bellydance Fusion ";

9. Champion of East International Festival "ARABIANA";

10. Champion of Ukraine (bellydance fusion);

11. Finalist of International Show-contest "Miss Bellydance-Europe" #IAED ;

and others ;

Work Experience:-
Natasha Korotkina participated in various TV shows , Projects and GALA-SHOW , acted in the best Stages in Ukraine , Europe and all Asia ...
Give workshops around all

China , Asia , Ukraine , Russia

took master classes from world stars of tribal-bellydance& classical bellydance :-

Moria Chappell , Petite Jamilla , Kami Liddle , Jill Parker , Kae Montgomery and others ...(Tribal/ ATS, Tribal-Fusion , Yoga Isolation, body control, and others... )

Ashran Hassan , Tito , Kazafi, Elena Ramazanova , Latifa Nejim , Rakel Danziger , Esfir , Yasser Gamal , Amira Hasna , ( classical Raqs Sharqi , Oriental Bellydance ...tabla-solo);

Teacher of the high category.
The judge of the international category of the Association of Oriental Dance IAE

Bright performer of bellydance fusion. and tribal-fusion styles...which operates an extraordinary style and work well in other styles too...

 Momoko (Japan/Tokio)  
momoko Dance Vita:
* 2006 student at Tokyos Belly Queen Sadia's Dance Studio
* Teachers with most Influence: Amani Lebanon & Leyla Jouvana in Germany
* 2012 Professional debut. Working as a belly dance teacher at my own studio "Muse" in Tokyo - Shibuya and yoga instructor in Tokyo. Regular dancer at popular cafés in Tokyo.
* 2012 Performance at the 20th Tanz-Festival Europa in Duisburg / Germany. Performance at Belly Dance China festival (BDC) in China
Ein Gruß:
Hello to everyone in Germany! My name is MOMO and I am an active belly dancer in Shibuya, Tokyo. This will be my fourth time in Germany, and each time I have had the great opportunity to lean new styles and trends. This time too, I am really looking forward to Leyla Jouvana's Tanzfestival, and I look forward to meeting all of you.
Also, if any of you have the chance to come to Japan, I would be happy to welcome you in Tokyo/Japan as well!
Aliah (RUS)  
Gruppe Lejla Mehmedovic (Bosnien & Herzegovina)  
Mehmedovic Dance studio „Pop Lock"

Dance studio „Pop Lock" comes from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was founded by Lejla Mehmedovic, multiple awarded dancer and choreographer with more than 20 years of experience. Lejla's huge dance experience comes from dancing with the biggest stars of balkan music scene, but also from acting or dancing in theater or on TV. She is often engaged in a theater play or TV shows like an expert of stage movement.
One of Lejla's biggest success is passing audition for Belly dance Evolution troupe, where she performed in their European tour in 2014.
She had her first class of belly dance in Tuzla, 2007 and she became one of the belly dance pioneers in Bosnia. From the beginning this dance studio was working on the promotion of belly dance and its positive health influence on woman's body and mind – and that has made contribution of artistic popularization of belly dance in Tuzla, and also in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
During the hard work of dance studio „Pop Lock", for small group of dancers training this type of dance became more than just recreation. They made huge step by making their first performance on the scene in the front of Tuzla's audience and later on they started to perform on festivals in region and abroad.
Lejla Mehmedovic won the first place on the competition Belly dancer of the World 2013, in fusion category and due to her positive experience her dance studio „Pop Lock" decided to present itself as a group on the same competition. It was not easy, especially because dancers have successful careers in architecture, low and economy. The challenge was to coordinate everyday work and obligation with long and hard trainings. Hard work of this small group of devoted ladies gave the results by winning three medals: third place in solo fusion category, third place in group fusion category and first place in classic category. Although this was just their second international competition, they could not believe the results they have made, based on the fact that this was one of the biggest orient festival in the world and that the competition was extremely strong.
What makes this group different and recognizably is their dance style that is consisted of classic style and modern dance forms, which are diverting and cleverly combined with interesting theatrical movements.
At the beginning, for the group, this was just the recreation and during the time this type of dance became constitutive part of their lives, lives of their families and friends, who gave them the unconditional support and help. Without their help it would not be possible to manage all the work obligation with long and hard trainings and performances.
They enjoy in this beautiful dance and in everything that comes with it – friendship, hanging out, traveling, creative process of making the choreography and costumes, even in stressful moments when nothing goes like it is planned. Belly dance connected them into one small family so much that they cannot imagine their lives without it.
„We want to send our greetings to German audience. Can't wait to perform on stage for you again! Last year we had so much fun, we enjoyed Duisburg, as well as your great Dance festival of Europe, so we are looking forward seeing you again. We want to congratulate Jouvana Leyla for great organization and enormous effort she made so this Festival could be one of the biggest and most prestige, not only in Europe but in the whole World. We are definitely sure that this isn't our last performance at this festival. You can follow our work on our facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/PlesniStudiopopLock/?fref=ts. "

Tevec (UK)  
Tevec 1st Place Kaleidoscope of Stars (Fusion Category), London, 2013


Tevec is a professional performer and teacher who specialises in Modern, Turkish and Theatrical Fusion Belly Dance styles. Tevec is known for her energetic, emotive and theatrical performances incorporating props such as sword.
Born in London to Turkish Cypriot parents, Belly Dance is stemmed in Tevec's Turkish culture. This has played a strong part in her upbringing and has influenced her dancing style.

I am looking forward to joining the festival in Duisberg, Germany and excited to be a part of it. It is great to be able to experience the German belly dance scene. I am passionate about representing Turkish Dance and spreading the love of Turkish Oryantal.

www.tevecdance.com - facebook.com/TevecDance - instagram: Tevec Dance - Twitter: @tevecdance

Naureen (Vilnius / Litauen)  
Naureen 1st place Tribal Fusion at Thessaloniki Dance Festival 2016, 1st place Fantasy Oriental at 5th Cyprus Orient 2016

I started learning bellydance about 8 years ago in Lithuania, in studio "Orientalija". For the past 2 years I am living in Limassol, Cyprus, and practicing bellydance and Tribal fusion in different studios. I work part-time as a freelance translator and as a dancer on different events. In the recent years I have travelled to learn and perform on various dance festivals in different countries: Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, England, Germany, Cyprus and Greece. I have been learning and taking inspiration from such great bellydance and Tribal Fusion dancers as Dina of Cairo, Aziza of Cairo, Randa Kamel,Tito Seif, Moria Chapell, Mardi Love, Illan Riviere, Samantha Emanuel and others. Apart from bellydance and Tribal fusion I have also been practicing fire dancing, African dances, latin and contemporary dance.

I am very excited to come to Germany and participate on this wonderful festival :)


Renenet Tribe (Prag/CZ)  
Rerenet Members: Misha Blazikova, Helenka Trnkova, Lucka Vodrazkova, Zuzka Spurkova

Awards: In 2012, Renenet Tribe won 3rd place at Let's Dance Prague oriental competition in category Group Tribal dance and 2nd place at Bellydancer of the World competition in Duisburg in category Duo Fantasy/Fusion (Misha & Helenka).
In 2013, we won 2nd place at Bellydancer of the World competition in Duisburg in category Group Tribal and 1st place at Pressburg Dance Festival in Bratislava in category Solo Tribal fusion (Misha).
In 2014 we won 2nd place at Let's dance Prague oriental Competition in category Group Tribal dance (duo Misha & Helenka) and 1st place in category Solo Tribal dance (Misha). We also succeeded at Pressburg Dance Festival in Bratislava where we won 3rd place in category Group Tribal (duo Misha & Helenka).

About us: Renenet Tribe is a tribal dance company founded 8 years ago in Prague by 4 friends and tribal dance enthusiasts (Misha, Helenka, Lucka & Zuzka). We are mainly focused on Tribal fusion where we perform our own choreographies and we are also dancing improvizational tribal styles. Lately, with getting to know new dance styles, world fusion became a part of our repertoire. We are performing at festivals, haflas and competitions at home and around Europe.
Currently, Helenka is mainly interested in Folklore and Tribal dance, she is a member of several other formations (Black Silver Tribe, Kazafy Troupe International, Matahari Group). Misha started a new direction in her dance career and became a Pole dance and Aerial hoop teacher (won 2nd place at European Open Championship of Aerial Acrobatics 2015 in category Aerial hoop).

Our website: www.renenet-tribe.cz

 Foxykittens Felicia (Malaysia) Moon (Macau)

4th (President Cup) International (HK) Belly Dance Competition 2016-Champion (Tribal Fusion Category)

"Dance is like wine, it mature with every performance." - Alamel Valli

That the phrase which always encouraging and motivating us all along the journey. Here we are, another stage to mature, hope all of you enjoy our shows.


Unsere Jury/Wertungsrichter bestehen ausschliesslich aus kompetenten und objektiven Super-Stars unseres Festivals & Gewinnern des Contests, die vorher im Hinblick auf Objektivität, Fairness und Wertungsprozedere gewissenhaft ausgesucht und eingeführt werden: z. B. Soraia Zaied (Kairo/EG), Latifa Nejim (UKR/RUS), Nika Mlakar (SLO), Ebru Bekker (RUS), Silvia Salamanca (USA), Foxycat Alice Yeung (Hong Kong), Hafida Chader (DZ/FR), Queenie (BEl), Amira Abdi (UKR), Vanesa Moreno (ES),Lejla Mehmedovic (BIH), Esmii (FR), Kristina Mnoyan (RUS), Carmina (Syrien/GER), Helen Saida (Georgia), Leyla Jouvana & Roland, etc.
Die Jury bewertet gemeinsam.
Nach jeder Kategorie werden die Gewinner in der Siegerehrung bekannt gegeben.
Die Höchstpunktzahl gewinnt.
Achtung: Aus Fairness-Gründen wird Leyla Jouvana Ihre eigenen Gruppen/Kursteilnehmer nicht bewerten, sondern von einem Jury Mitglied vertreten werden.
Die gleiche Regelung gilt auch für die anderen Jury-Mitglieder, falls ihre Schüler an diesem Contest teilnehmen.
Der Publikumsapplaus wird auch zu einem Teil in die Bewertung einfließen.
Es werden nur die ersten 5 Gewinner/Plätze bekannt gegeben.

Show-Acts & WS mit Welt-Stars:

Während des Contests werden wir in den Genuss der Tanz-Einlagen unserer Jury/Star-Gäste kommen. Die WS auch mit vielen anderen Welt-Stars finden vom 28.11.- 04.12.17 im Zentrum für Orient. Tanz, Leyla Jouvana, Claubergstr. 20 – 22 in 47051 Duisburg statt.


Einlaß & Beginn:

Samstag 02.12.17

Messe: 13 – 23 Uhr
Open stage: 13 - 16 Uhr
Nachmittag Gala I, Contest I Einlaß/Saal: 16 Uhr
Jury-Show I & Contest I (Gruppen) 16:30/17 Uhr
Grand Abend Gala Show 19:45 Uhr, Start 20 Uhr

Sonntag 03.12.17

Messe: 12 – 20:30 Uhr
Open stage: 12 – 13 Uhr
Mittag Gala II Superstar Jury Show Acts II
& Contest II - Einlaß Theater/Saal ca. 13:30 Uhr
1) Contest II (Kids/Junior & verbleibende Gruppen, Formationen )
2) Jury Superstar Show Acts II ca. 15 Uhr (abhängig von der Contest-Anmeldezahl)

Nachmittag Gala Show III
Superstar Jury Show Acts III & Contest III
Alle restl. Kategorien (Formationen beginnen! )
Einlaß/Beginn 15:30/16 Uhr
Ende ca 20:30 Uhr – bitte im Oktober erfragen/Website, da abhängig von den Anmeldezahlen. Im Falle zu vieler Anmeldungen, kann der Contest für Kids/Junior schon um 13 Uhr beginnen.