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                                   Show Acts & Workshops with the world elite 2018: 
 leyla und roland 200 x 300   MartaKorzun2Jury-min   munique klein 
Leyla Jouvana & Roland
  Marta Korzun (RUS)  

Munique Neith (BRA/ES)

 EbruBekkerPosterJuryHOCH   AllaWS-min    SerkanTutarJuryPortrait-min
Ebru Bekker (USA)
  Alla Vatc (RUS)   Serkan Tutar (TUR/BEL)
Male BDotW
 NadiaNikishenkoPosteroderJury6-min   NikaMlakarPosteroderJuryOFE SaNa 1173b ret-min    amiraabdiklein
Nadia Nikishenko (RUS)   Nika Mlakar (SLO)    Amira Abdi (UKR)
  SVETARE3PosterJuryWS-min             PaulineAtaGrandGalaJuryAusschnitt    ElisaSaha3
Svetare (CH)   Pauline Ata (FR)
BDotW Tribal
  Elisa Saha (GER)
Lauriane FR GalaoderJury-min    HelenSaida1-min     Laetizia29PosteroderJury-min
 Lauriane (FR)    Helen Saida (GER) Laetizia (GER) 
Yao-min   Chen Chen-min JiaRong Li-min
 MuLan Su-min   Jun Wang-min  MingMing Xu-min
XiaoMing He-min    Yi Lu-min 





















 Noon Gala & Afternoon Gala I - III

with international Champions for example: 


Our dance jury will consist of highly competent and objective world dance stars & Winner BD of the World, especially selected for their fairness and consideration. They are for example:
Martha Korzun (UKR/RUS), Munique Neith (BRA/ES), Alla Vatc (China/RUS), Serkan Tutar (TUR/B), Nika Mlakar (SLO), Ebru Bekker (RUS), Nadia Nikishenko (RUS), Amira Abdi (UKR),
Svetare (CH), Pauline Ata (FR), Lauriane (FR), Ula Milunovic (SLO), Laetizia (GER), Helen Saida (Georgia) and Leyla Jouvana herself, etc. The winner will be announced over the tannoy
after we have seen all performances in your discipline/category. Dancer with the 
highest points at the end is the winner and the top five will be announced.

Note : Due to 
fairness, no jury member will judge any group or student of their own, should they take part (another jury member will judge instead of).

Audience please note : the strength of your reaction

and applause will also be taken into consideration when judging!

Attention New: the judges copies/judging results of your personal judging and your personal
comments with feedback will be forwarded to you after the contest instead of giving you a
feedback via email!

Show-Acts and Workshops/CODE with World Stars:
During the contest we will also have a chance to enjoy the dancing of our Jury and much
more world dance stars with workshops from Nov 27 through to Dec 3 in 2018
in the centre for oriental dance in Claubergstrasse 20 – 22, 47051 Duisburg

Opening/starting times:

Saturday Dec 1

Fair: 1 pm – 11 pm
Open stage: 1 pm - 4 pm
Afternoon Gala I, Contest I opening/theatre: 4 pm
Incl. Superstar Jury-Show Acts I &
Contest I groups 4:30/5 pm
Grand Night Gala Show: 7:45 pm, start at 8 pm

Sunday Dec 2

Fair: 12 noon time – 8:30 pm
Open stage: 12 noon time - 1 pm
Noon Gala II, Contest II incl. Superstar
Jury Show Acts II, opening/theatre ca. 1:30 pm
1) Contest II (Kids/Junior & remaining groups)
2) Jury Superstar Show Acts II ca. 3 pm (depends on the no.of kids registrations )

Afternoon Gala Show III, Contest III
Incl. Superstar Jury Show Acts III
& Contest III Starting with formations, then
All other remaining categories/disciplines
Entrance/start 3:45 pm /4 pm
end approx. 8:30 pm

Please check the website during November, when we will have a better idea of how many entries we
have. In case of too many registrations the kids/junior contest will start at 1 pm subject to

Venue Shows & Fair:
Rheinhausenhalle Duisburg, Beethovenstr. 20 , 47226 Duisburg

WS venue:
Tanzstudio Leyla Jouvana , Claubergstr. 20 – 22, in 47051 Duisburg Centre