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Info & Details - 25th Dance Festival of Europe OFE





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New: 25th Festival Info 2017 & WS Programme PDF Download 

November 28th - December 4th 2017:

25th Orient. Festival of Europe (OFE)


11. Bellydancer of the World (BDotW) Contest

in Duisburg/Germany

Weeklong WSs, C.O.D.E. Intensive/Certificate, Afternoon Gala Shows

incl. Superstar Jury Shows, Contest BDotW & Fair on 3 floors,

Open Stage & Grand Gala Show with internat. Superstars:

Jury: Soraia Zaied (Kairo/EG), Latifa Nejim (UKR/RUS), Nika Mlakar (SLO), Ebru Bekker (RUS),

Silvia Salamanca (USA), Foxycat Alice Yeung (HongKong), Hafida Chader (DZ/FR), Queenie (BEl),

Amira Abdi (UKR), Vanesa Moreno (ES), Helen Saida (Georgia), Nilay Engin (TUR/USA),

Carmina (Syrien/GER) und Leyla Jouvana & Roland selbst a.m.m.

* different artists on both days

Grand Gala Evening-Show with Worlds Biggest Superstars 02.12.:

Soraia Zaied (Kairo/EG), Latifa Nejim (UKR/RUS), Nika Mlakar (SLO), Ebru Bekker (RUS),

Silvia Salamanca (USA), Hafida Chader (DZ/FR), Queenie (BEl)), Amira Abdi (UKR),

Foxycat Alice Yeung (Hong Kong), Esmii (FR), Lejla Mehmedovic (BIH), Kristina Mnoyan (RUS),

Carmina (Syria/GER) and Leyla Jouvana & Roland Jouvana, Contest Gewinner a.o.

Open Stage/Winner Stage 02. & 03.12. :

Fair-Matinée with international and local artists :

Natika (USA/RUS), Natasha Korotkina (RUS/CHINA), Nilay Engin (USA/TUR),
Suhana & Castano (GER), Tanzschule Leyla Jouvana, Momoko (Japan) Jessenia (Littauen),

Elena (RUS/Ger), Oulaya (Kasastan), Junko (Japan), Group Latifah & Shayvana,

Elisa Saha & Black Hornets, Carolina de Vries, Meraynah Persic a.m.m.

* different artists on both days

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We are thankful for the many good wishes and for the upcoming 25th Anniversary of our Festival.
Here are some of them:

Nous te souhaitons le meilleur pour le prochain Festival que tu organises avec Roland, comme ton habitude; de Main de Maitre !
Nous savons que tu rencontrera un vif succès amplement mérité.
Nous t'adressons nos sincères amitiés, et plein de bon courage.
Bien à Toi
Fadella et Chloé, France

All my thought with you my sweet Leyla!
All the best, you are the best!
Stéphanie de Barquin, Belgium

Dear Leyla & Roland,
I wish you all the very best of success for your upcoming great anniversary.
You both put so much effort, dedication, sweat and love into your work.
You are a unique couple, sweet and humble people and I cant even imagine
how you manage all that beside teaching and touring.
I would like to thank you for the enormous gift that you give us,
the European Dancers, by teaching us and giving us the opportunity to take
part of this great Festival with the best dancers from allover the world since 25 years!
All the best on earth for you, forever, Yalla Habibi



Some older impessions so far:




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Festival Interview Leyla & Roland in English