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  • 26th Dance Festival of Europe
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Workshops Festival 2017


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C.O.D.E. (Certified Oriental Dance Education)
All our workshops/classes are accredited within the C.O.D.E. system and can be booked separately
and independently of one another. We can give written proof of any workshops taken and all can be
considered as qualified stages in your oriental dance education - even if you never take a formal
exam. (Attendance Certification). Formal Exam ( with CODE Exam Certification ) on Monday, Dec 4
or later (after the festival is also possible).lle unsere WS / Festival-WS werden zu C.O.D.E. anerkannt. Bei Anfrage können Bescheinigungen ausgestellt werden.

Daily Selection

Tuesday, Nov. 28th Wednesday, Nov. 29th
Thursday, Nov. 30th
Friday, Dec. 1st
Saturday, Dec. 2nd

Sunday, Dec. 3rd

Monday, Dec. 4th


Tuesday, November 28th

foxy10 1:15 –3:15 pm
Foxycat Alice – Fan Veil Choreo 
Very unique Fan veil movements with a lot of grace and beautiful steps.
This workshop is geared towards intermediate & advanced dancers & all dance styles. 
38 Euro (CFu)
NikaMlakar 3:30 – 5:30 pm
Nika Mlakar - BALKAN BEATS!
The name says it all! This Tribal Fusion Bellydance choreography is built for anyone who enjoys happy but powerful movements following enjoyable Balkan music. Tribal turns. Hiphop slides. Oriental hips. Juicy chest movements. Fluid arms. Time to party! 37 Euro (CFu)

5:45 – 6:45 pm
Leyla Jouvana – Raks Sharki & Stage Presence to the most famous song
"Ana Fi Intizarak by Oum Kalthoum/Mohamed Abdel Wahab" 

Classical Egyptian Technique & Combos. No weak combos! Spicy and useable & steps and new attractive moves. Hot & Fun Women-Power. Please bring a veil for a Mini-Veil-Entree.

19 Euro (CCL, CRh)

 SZF0108 6:50 – 7:50 pm
Leyla Jouvana – More Raks Sharki Combis & small Choreo to the most famous song
"Ana Fi Intizarak by Oum Kalthoum/Mohamed Abdel Wahab"

We will put together all the fresh combos to a breathtaking brandnew small choreo a la Leyla Jouvana. Incl. feminine and elegant stage presence & body language. Your Dance will reach another level. Please bring a veil for a Mini-Veil-Entree. 19 Euro (CCL, CRh) 
SilviaSalamancaNew3 8:00 – 10:00 pm
Silvia Salamanca – With Fire and Passion – New Flamenco-Gypsy-Oriental
Brand new oriental dance combinations from the heart and soul of Spain! To celebrate the jubilee of the festival, Silvia Salamanca created a series of new combinations that embody her fiery Spanish style!! In this workshop we will fuse the best of both worlds, the beauty, feminity and sensuality of the Arab dancing with the power and energy of the "gitanas" (Spanish gypsies). Bring a skirt, get ready to use it as we learn new ways to kick it and move it!! Ole!!! 38€ (CFu, CFo)

Wednesday, November 29th

SilviaSalamancaNew3 11:15 am – 1:15 pm
Siliva Salamanca – Expressing Emotions with Spanish Fusion Moves
Expressing our emotions into our dance: Using Spanish fusion moves - how to integrate your feelings into the beauty of this art-form. In this workshop we will explore a series of movements from the Spanish fusion vocabulary and how to connect them with the expression of our heart! Be ready to
move with all your heart and learn how to move the audiences with you! 37€ (CFu, CFo)
NikaMlakar 1:30 – 3:30 pm
Nika Mlakar – Be Funky!
This workshops is all about losing yourself in the music! Funky steps and slides, strong hips, creative arm patterns and lots of fun movement connections is what mixture of Bellydance and Dancehall style creates. This choreography is appropriate for tribal and oriental dancers and all levels . This creative workshop is highly recommended. 37€ (CFu)
foxy10 3:40 – 5:40 pm
Foxycat Alice – New Thai Fusion BD Kombis
EDiscover a brand New style, developed by Foxy - Thai Fusion Bellydance, mysterious and elegant. You will learn the movements and technique from the choreography - เทพธิดา Thephṭhidā. Foxycat´s Format. For all levels and all styles. 37 Euro (CFu)
Carmina 5:50 – 7:50 pm
Carmina – Oum Kalthoum - Combos & Technique
Exciting Egyptian style combinations, Raks Sharki technique & a little Saidi/Balady part including stage presence and feeling to Carmina's awarded choreography to Oum Kalthoum's song 'Baeid Anak' 35 Euro (CCL, CFo)

8:00 – 10:00 pm
Nika Mlakar -Drum Solo Technique Drills
Explore your body and learn how we can isolate any part of the body. To make a choreography which only includes movements with a whole body is no more in fashion! Especially drum solo is a desired style which includes many pops, locks, glides, shimmies and waving technique movements. All of that is waiting on this workshops to jump into your dance vocabulary. Learn how to perform bellydance movements on a new way! 

38 Euro (CCL, CFu)

Thursday, November 30th

NikaMlakar 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Nika Mlakar - Femme Fatale 
Explore your femininity with Nika in her Mejance bellydance choreography style. Soft turns, strong poses, elegant arms, perfect control over the leg movements is the minimum what you can expect in this breathtaking dance routine. For the cherry on the top of the cream, Nika will reveal her secrets how to express the feelings on the stage. Feel empowered by your dance! 38 Euro (CCL, CFu)
 SZF0108  1:15 - 3:15 pm
Leyla Jouvana -Rediscover the Voi (Veil Poi) 
Leyla´s latest and stunning voi Technique, stylish combos & small choreo, leaving you and your audience speechless. Bring 1-2 veil pois if you have or let us know early in advance if you want us to order for you. You can also buy pois and vois at the WS. 38 Euro (CFu)

3:30 – 5:30 pm
Latifa - Egyptian Style & Musicality
Latifa´s worldwide celebrated technique & combinations in Egyptian style. In this WS you can learn more deeply the Egyptian Dance technique and how to create your own combinations according to the different kind of music (classical, modern and traditional songs, and/or drum solo). A Must! 

38 Euro (CCL, CFo, CRh) 

SilviaSalamancaNew3 5:45 – 7:45 pm (right room)
Silvia Salamanca – All about Layers
Who knew your body could do that? Get ready to spice your dance with the universe of layers! We will break down different approaches to master layers and then we will learn those jaw-dropping combinations that use all the different parts of the body in mesmerizing ways. 38 Euro (CFu)

7:00 – 8:00 pm (left room)
Leyla Jouvana - New Hot Egyptian Balady & Shimmies
Who knew your body could do that? Get ready to spice your dance with the universe of layers! We will break down different approaches to master layers and then we will learn those jaw-dropping combinations that use all the different parts of the body in mesmerizing ways.

19 Euro (CCL, CFo, CRh)

055 Queenie Maani bewerkt 8:15 – 10:15 pm (right room)
Queenie - Swooshes, Sways and Arabesques
Queenie's signature elegance doesn't get any better than this! Juicy swooshes, powerful sways and floaty arabesques to make you swoon! Not to be missed! 37 Euro (CCL)
foxy10 8:15 – 10:15 pm (left room)
Foxycat Alice´s Format - New Dai Peacock Fusion Choreo
You will learn more Peacock movements in Dai style, and the unique Bellydance movements in Dai fusion dance. Dai/ไท dance is a folk dance and over Two thousand years of history in Dai. Alice grew up in Dai Village, called "Sip Song Pan Na" in Dai language. And the famous Peacock Dance is from there. Alice started to learn Dai dance when she was 5 years old. Now, she keeps the unique shape with three bends Dai/ไท dance style, Dai/ไท Fusion Belly dance is a beautiful feminine dance, founded and developed by FoxycatAlice. Become a Peacock Princess of Water Dai! For all dance levels & all dance styles. 38 Euro (CFu, CFo)

Friday, December 1st

SilviaSalamancaNew3 10:15 am – 0:15 pm (right room)
Silvia Salamanca - Be a Queen, embody the Goddess!
Either on stage or in the classroom, we can connect with ways to move that cab fill an entire room with our presence. In this workshop we will work on the importance of posture and we will discover how to be engaged head to toe in our dance. Through technique and combinations we will explore
how to make our presence a true shining light! For all levels and all dance styles. 38 Euro (CFu, CCL)

10:15 am – 0:15 pm (left room)
Nika Mlakar- Saidi Cane Dance Combos & small Choreo
Saidi belongs to the repertoire of every belly dancer. Although the Saidi dance is no more a mystery, Nika will explain more about this cheerful folk dance style to fully understand the feeling of the Saidimovement & Rhythm. The workshop will start with Nikas explanation of typical saidi moves which will be included in the small varied choreography. Bring a Saidi stick/cane (also possible to buy in the school, please let us know) 

38 Euro (CFo, CRh)


0:30 – 2:30 pm (right room)
Foxycat Alice Yeung – TF Element
Tribal Fusion BD Combos & Technique
You will learn how to dance like a snake with mesmerizing unique movements. Let's wake your "snake muscles"' – All levels & all dance styles 

38 Euro (CFu)

055 Queenie Maani bewerkt 0:30 - 2:30 pm (left room)
Queenie - Smooth Transitions
Just like letters becoming words, sentences and stories - we go from single moves to combinations to
dancing. In this workshop, we primarily focus on the moves between the moves: connecting the dots! 37 Euro (CCL)
Soraia2 2:45 - 4:45 pm (right room)
Soraia Zaied – Egyptian Dance & Raks Sharki
Typical Egyptian combos to great Egyptian Raqs Sharki and lyrical music. We are very honoured to welcome the Cairo-Megastar at our Festival! Soraia is the most sought after Egyptian star Performer & Teacher! Every performer is expected to know, and be able to interprete, feel and express through dance the Egyptian music. Soraia knows how to bring the Egyptian soul, expression and gesture closer with his fascinating combis and routines, like no other. This dance will touch you and the hearts of our audience. An absolute necessity. 42 Euro (CCL)
EsmiGrandGala 2:45 – 4:45 pm (left room)
Traditional Moroccan dances, technique, basic steps, groove, dance in group together, in line and in circle ... 2 hours women power, fun & energy sharing! 37 Euro (CFo)
AmiraAbdi 5:15 – 7:15 pm (right room)
Amira Abdi –Gypsy Power
Russian Roma oriental fusion, technique and choreography. Want to surprise your audience with creative performance, learn how to mix oriental hip technique and flexibility with Russian gypsy steps, skirt work and expressive hand gestures. Feel wild and burn the audience with a passionate Gypsy
dance. A powerful, fiery and lively dance! Please bring a wide skirt. For women with good basic Dance knowledge. Level middle and better up to masterclass. 37 Euro (CFu, CFo)
Latifa11 5:15 – 7:15 pm (left room)
Latifa Nejim -Modern Oriental Song
Technique & Choreography. Discover the difference how to dance to modern songs comparing with classical songs. Different Music need different and special technique! A dance training of modern classical dance with strong expressions. 38 Euro (CCL, CFu)

7:30 – 9:30 pm (right room)
Soraia Zaied - Balady à la Soraia
Soraia´s worldwide celebrated and special egyptian Balady technique and Combos. Soraia is truly a magnificent dancer and an inspiration to all who wish to learn Egyptian-style Bellydance. Come to the source and learn from the original! Every performer is expected to know, and be able to interpret, feel and express through dance the Egyptian music This dance will touch you and the hearts of our audience.. An absolute necessity! 

42 Euro (CFo, CCL, CRh)

Lejla6 7:30 – 9:30 pm (left room)
Lejla Mehmedovic – Drum Solo
This drum solo will explore various types of shimmies and focus on isolation technique. This fun, dynamic and challenging choreography brings some interesting combos that will help you to improve your drum solo technique. 37€ (CCL, CFu, CRh)

Saturday, December 2nd

Group taxis (from/after the WSs in our school to the theatre/shows) will be available. Please check in with us 30 mins before the WS is due to start to allow punctual WS start in our school.

Latifa11 09:00 - 11:00 am
Latifa - Oriental "Mejance" & Veil Entrance
Oriental technique in Egyptian style and THE choreography. In this WS you will practice how to dance your personal unforgettable entrance on stage, we explore the dynamics of the entrance & stage presence. How can you make your entrance elegant, captivating and innovative? Various
combinations of travelsteps, to make the entrance less predictable so that you capture the attention of the audience as soon as you enter the stage. After this workshop you will have the tools necessary to keep all eyes on YOU! Please bring your veil. Level: Intermediate and up. 38 Euro (CCL)

09:00 - 11:00 am
Silvia Salamanca – Slow & Fluid Tribal BD Routine
A mesmerizing tribal bellydance routine (all levels). Tribal fusion is well known by its fluidity and snake-like movements...Here we will discover original moves and combos that will build into a routine where we will flow with grace, energy and elegance as we snake our way through it! 

38 Euro (CFu)


09:00 - 11:00 am
Hafida – Oriental Jazz
Technique and combinations. In this super fun and challenging workshop we will find the connection between the essentials of the Jazz Dance and the grace of the Oriental dance. Two distinct cultures with all the possibilities offered due to their rhythmic complexities and natural commonalities.

38 Euro (CFu)

Soraia2 11:15 am – 13:15 pm
Soraia Zaied – Explosive Tabla Solo & Shimmies
Discover Soraia´s world-renowned latin influenced tabla solo and her typical unique Shimmies. Soraia arduously studied the pure, professional form of Egyptian dance then decided to innovate! Her present drum solo dance form is a beautiful blend of samba and Bellydance and through her own
expression has successfully created a highly energetic, emotional and sensuous dance form. She mixes in her fiery Brazilian training with her passionate deeply moving Egyptian expressions forming her unique style that touches the hearts and souls of her audience. As Soraia is originated from Brazil this WS is promised to be HOT. This WS will expand your dancing vocabulary. 42 Euro (CFu, CCL, CRh)
Vanesa4 11:15 am – 13:15 pm
Vanesa Moreno – Passionate Tango Oriental
ORIENTAL TANGO: Learn and practice passionate tango movements and steps. Give your legs a new way to move and allow yourself a new body language ! A brand new oriental choreography fused with spicy tango style you definetively will love and draw everyone's attention on you on stage. 37 Euro (CFu)
KristinaMnoyan5 kleinweb 11:15 am – 13:15 pm
Kristina Mnoyan – Oriental Pop Song
This workshop includes a full of emotion dance, unique and fresh, created from the heart of the winner of the most important contests in the world. Stunning new technique/combos and small and fun choreo with unexpected variations that will leave you and your audience breathless! Be attractive
& sensual with easy –going manner of dancing. Use your body as a skillful instrument to enjoy every sound & share this joy with the audience. Explore new ideas to prove you can be better every time you go on stage. 36 Euro (CCL)
Ebru10 1:30 – 3:30 pm
Ebru Bekker – Sensual Lyrical Tarab
Team of master class: Tarab The magnificent arabian song – "Wael Kfoury Inta Falleyt". Marvelous words about love, about senses. Beautiful, airy, sensual dance. Despite the apparent easiness of the performance, there are a lot of challenging movements and very interesting combinations. The
specific emotional presentation allows us to evanish in the words of the song and become one with the music, with the words of the singer. The voice and the movements will make possible to believe in such a great sense :" Love". Advanced level. 39 Euro (CCL)
NikaMlakar 1:30 – 3:30 pm
Nika Mlakar - Ooops I did it again!
"Oh no, a blackout! Now what??" With this exquisite improvisational techniques you will be no more embarrassed if you forget some of the steps while performing. The following technique can help if you had any thoughts how big stars improvise their performance on a big stage with no fear. With this
little secrets, you can too! Take the control over your dance even while improvising! 38 Euro (CCL, CFu)
foxy10 1:30 – 3:30 pm
Foxycat Alice - Feather Fan Fusion Choreo with 2 Feather Fans
Grab your feather Fan (or normal Fan if you don't have a Feather Fan) dance with the Special Japanese music about the peace, this Choreography called ' Sky Garden ' Come and explore this fabulous dance and combos! Please bring 2 feather Fans if you have, otherwise 1 or another fan /any fan or paper plate as substitution to hold in your hand. Thank you  38 Euro (CFu)

Sunday, December 3rd

Group taxis (from/after WS in our school to the theatre/shows) will be available. Please check in with us 30 mins before the workshop is due to start to allow punctual WS start in our school.

Latifa11 09:15 -11:15 am
Latifa Nejim – Legendary Egyptian Song
SPowerful technique & combinations put together into a full of emotions-Choreo to an famous legendary classical Egyptian Music. Discover Latifa´s unique and international celebrated style to one of the best oriental songs from the XX Century. Express your emotions, feel the music, become
the music. 38 Euro (CCL, CFo)
AmiraAbdi 09:15 - 11:15 am
Amira Abdi- Stage Persian Dance
Royal court style. Technique and choreography.
Discover one of the most beautiful and graceful dances of the Middle East - Persian royal court dance. Enrich your belly dance vocabulary with Persian style hands and arms, rotations, refined posing, gestures and elegant floorwork. Beautiful dance combos insert later to breathtaking
choreography. 37 Euro (CFo)
EsmiGrandGala 09:15 - 11:15 am
Oriental dance Afro-contemporary fusion, alliance of technicality between the bellydance and the sub-Saharan African dance in a contemporary structure ...37 Euro (CFu)

11:30 am – 1:30 am
Soraia Zaied – Hot Egyptian Shaabi Dance
Cairo Street Dance with the sassy and cheeky shaabi style of Soraia. Forget everything you know about Shaabi! Soraia will take your dance to the next level of professionalism and change the way you think about Egyptian Shaabi dance. A workshop to be excited about! 
42 Euro (CFo)

HafidaChader4 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Hafida – Raks Sharki – Classical Oriental
Beautiful technique, combos and Choreography par Excellence in Hafida-Style to the wonderful music "Al-Houriyah" 38 Euro (CCL)
Lejla6 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Lejla Mehmedovic – Balkan Fusion
Emotional, dynamic and unpredictable choreography just like Balkan people! Class focuses on body
strength and how to create quick, rapid but precise movements. Explore beauty of Balkan music and
express your emotions thru this challenging choreography. 37 Euro (CFu)

It doesn´t end here !

Monday, December 4th

please register for examination. Later date for Exam is also possible, to be agreed.
After Festival Party
- for festival/WS attendees and artists only, please bring fingerfood for sharing, thank you ca. 6 pm – 7:30 pm Dance party, watch the new festival DVD, sharing time and having fun with some of our Star Guests and open platform dance performances. ( Please let us know if you would like to perform).

And finally, just when you thought it was all over
... a tribal class with Elisa Saha


 6:30 – 8 pm - Tribal Fusion & BlackSheep BD Technique

After a preparing Warmup and Conditioning including inspiration from Yoga and Pilates, Elisa will dance different technique for Tribal Fusion and BlackSheep BellyDance (Classical Tribal Style Bellydance). She will give attention to posture and arm positions and show you how to cleverly
transition between movements. 20 €

8 - 9:30 pm - Tribal Fusion & BlackSheep Combos for Choreo & Impro

Elisa will be dancing with you different Tribal Fusion and BlackSheep BellyDance combinations for your Classical Tribal Improvisation or the next choreography. This will be a fusion of Bellydance and BlackSheep BellyDance movements, a BlackSheep Fusion. 20 €

Special offer: Take both classes and just pay 37 € for all !




WS Venue Nov 28th - Dec 4th at:

Dance School Leyla Jouvana, Claubergstr. 20 – 22, 47051 Duisburg Center.