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  • 26th Dance Festival of Europe
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Dozenten Festival 2017 ENG

Leyla Jouvana & Roland - The organizer & Festival artists

Leyla Jouvana & Roland Jouvana - Award winning dancer & percussionist

Leyla  Jouvana (state-approved dancer & stage choreographer, officially recognized C.O.D.E.education trainer, Belly Dancer & Zumba instructor - Belgrad/GER) &
Roland (state-approved drummer from Germany),
one of the most thought after artist duo in the world with numerous Awards such as:
Halima Award (Germany): "Shimmy Queen", "one of the best dancers in Europe, one of the most successful and largest Orient. Dance studios in Germany, one of the most successful and largest Orient. Festivals in Europe "(annually End of Nov./beginning December- in Duisburg / Germany with a record crowd of 4,500 spectators)
The Giza-Akademy (LA) awarded Leyla entitled "Best Live dancer and drum solo performer"!
Belly Dancer of the world in 2007-2015 (groups, Ensemble Leyla with the choreographies of Leyla)
The Government of Duisburg awarded Leyla & Roland with the "Silver coin" for their appreciated cultural work in/for Duisburg, recieved November 2010 at the 20th OFE in Duisburg Rheinhausenhalle from the Major of the city of Duisburg Mr. Kocallar

Interview mit Leyla Jouvana


Soraia Zaied - (Cairo/EGY)
Soraia double

We proudly present:

Soraia Zaied - Egyptian Mega Star dancer, teacher and choreographer,

Soraia Zaied, one of the most loved and most accomplished oriental dancers and a master teacher at "Ahlan Wa Sahlan" dance festival of Cairo, Egypt. We are very fortunated to have such a dance legend come to us from Egypt. This is her 2nd visit in Germany due to huge demand. She will be sharing her wealth of knowledge in Oriental dance and performing her signature fiery style that is revered all over the world.

Soraia Zaied is always featured as a star headliner at the "Ahlan wa Sahlan" gala shows as well as a master teacher at the festival. "Ahlan wa Sahlan" is the largest dance festival in Cairo, Egypt. Soraia was born in Brazil and has mastered many forms of Brazilian and international dances. She moved to Egypt in 2001 and began to master the modern form of Egyptian-style Bellydance under legendary choreographer, Raqia Hassan. Soraia is always innovating and creating her own signature performances that have captured the hearts and minds of everyone who watches her shows.

In her workshops, Soraia will teach her very unique techniques of Egyptian Oriental dance, the fiery Soraia touches that infuse Samba and other latin dances, and her signature captivating shimmies and drum solos.
In Cairo in the Top 5 Stars Hotels, she dances multiple shows a night, every day of the week. In order to reach such status in the Bellydance capital of the world, one has to perfect the art of Egyptian Oriental dance which Soraia has done in a masterful way. Now she is one of the most famous dancers around the Globe. Best news: She's coming to us. You don't have to go to Egypt to see her show.


Latifa Nejim (UKR/RUS)

Latifa was born and grew up in Ukraine. All her life connects with a dance!

"Dance is my life" - the motto of Latifa!

In Ukraine for 10 years Latifa was the leader in Ukrainian professional dance group of folkloric dance. Was successful experience in modern pop and ballroom dance.

In 2009 Latifa realized her dream and came for the first time to visit Egypt where she met the most famous belly dancers . Since that time inside of Latifa turned over all awareness about oriental dance. 

Now Latifa works in All Russian Dance Organization as a partner (ARDO) in Moscow. She has the highest and international judging category in Oriental Dance (IDO).

Latifa received higher education at the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts as a teacher-choreographer!

Since 2012 by the invitation of the most famous and legendary Madame Raqia Hassan, Latifa received a big opportunity became a teacher and performer in the biggest International "Ahlan Wa Sahlan" Festival in Egypt/Cairo! 

Latifa's popularity increases year by year every year.

Latifa teaches and performs all over the world. 2017 Latifa becames teacher at the famous Nile Group
Festival in Cairo!

More about Latifa in on her personal website:


Ebru Bekker (RUS
 EbruBekker NeuWeb klein

Ebru is a famous dancer from St. Petersburg. She is a daughter of the famous teacher-choreographer-dancer - Natalie Becker .

Since childhood Ebru has been engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, classical choreography and modern dances (hip-hop, disco).

Certified teacher and choreographer. Ebru is a soloist and tutor of the ensemble «Oasis Dance» and of the dancing project «Russian Bellydance Superstars». The winner of many international festivals. The winner of the World Cup 2012. (IDO).

Two-time World Champion 2014/2015 (IDO)

Ebru's Dance is the embodiment of beauty, harmony, exceptional technique and artistry. Her repertoire boggles the imagination with its diversity. Tours: Morroco, Germany, Turkey, Korea, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Ukraine, Belarus, Japan, China, France, Mexico, Singapore and many Russian cities.

Hafida Chader (DZ/FR

Performing artist, oriental (belly dance) teacher and choreographer. Born in Algeria and raised in France where she founded the first school of oriental (belly) dance school in her home time of Lyon, France after receiving her teachers diploma from the Academy of Dance Masters and is an active member of UNESCO's International Dance Council. Her teaching methods are born of the encounter of the orient and the occidental worlds and cultures. Using this approach to develop her teaching methods. She puts the accent on precise technique and the development of a highly sensitive relationship to the music by educating her students and cultivating the way in which they listen to the music. With the goal of guiding them to the development of an authentic relationship between the music and the dance through the way it is heard and felt. While guiding her students onto the path to the discovery of the true tradition of Oriental Dance. All the while respecting the specific language of oriental or as we say belly dance. While passing on the origins and the true essence of its original culture. Hafida, guided by her sensibilities has developed a very personal approach to her choreographic work that she considers to be a dialogue between different cultures. Living her dance as a universal language, based on a process of exchange, favoring in her work the creative influences that different forms of dance brings to it. Her divers experiences have reinforced her natural identity allowing her to express herself through the different forms of oriental dance often accented by the influence of many divers forms of dance. In 2008, she founded the "Hafida Chader Dance Company", who frequently participates in many divers manifestations, festivals and artistic events nationally and internationally. In 2013 Hafida created in Lyon, France the First International Festival of Belly Dance, which was a huge success, welcoming several hundred students from throughout all of Europe. (Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland...) In 2016 she was invited to India, by the famous Indian artist Raghunath Manet, where she participated in the creation of an show marrying the two cultures Indian and Arabian, dance, music and song. This creation was presented for the first time this past November 2016 at the World Institute of Arab Culture in Paris, France.


Now Hafida is teaching and performing all over the World and for the 1st time at our Festival. 


More about Hafida on her personal website:


Silvia Salamanca (USA/ES)
AladinElKholy ShowgalaFestival hoch

Silvia Salamanca

(Flamenco , Gypsy, Tribal-Fusion, Bellydance, Modern & Ballet) ist eine passionierte Tänzerin aus Mallorca und tanzt seit ihrer Kindheit. Nach einer professionellen Ausbildung in Balett und Modern Dance trat sie als Mitglied der Contemporary dance Company of The University of Barcelona auf den größten Festivals der Welt auf. Sie startete ihre Karriere als Tribal-Fusion und Bellydancer in 2001. Mit „Zambra Mora (Flamenco, Gypsy-Oriental-Tribal-Fusion) erlang sie internationale Bekanntheit und ist eine sehr gefragte Dozentin und Tänzerin in Europa und USA. Silvia ist außerdem Co-Direktorin der Tribal Gruppe Shunyata Belly dance (USA).
Bei einem gemeinsamen Auftritt mit den BDSS in NL konnte ich mich von der Tanzkunst par Excellence dieser charmanten und humorvollen Vollblut-Tänzerin überzeugen und freue mich, sie als Dozentin und Gala-Künstlerin gewonnen zu haben.

Silvia Salamanca's Website

Interview mit Silvia Salamanca @ Hagalla

2. Interview mit Silvia Salamanca @ Hagalla



Nika Mlakar (SLO)
NikaMlakar1-schmalwebDOZ Nika is an internationally recognised dancer, choreographer and a dance teacher who performs at various domestic and foreign events and teaches workshops.

She has always been a very curious person who has showed interest for various areas, especially the arts. When still a little girl, she was a roller skater, she danced in a ballet group, she tried herself in singing, she played a violin and performed in a theatre. But it was the dancing that prevailed –making Nika never to have lost her enthusiasm over dancing, and her wish to achieve more and become the best had only intensified with years. In fact, it was the belly dance that has taken all her attention, love, passion and dedication. She started dancing the belly dance at the age of eleven and at the age of fifteen she started her own career with the aim to integrate various dancing techniques and perform together with Slovenian and foreign dancers. During this period she dedicated her time to hip-hop classes, modern dance, show dance and modern dancing techniques. She demonstrated her knowledge in dancing at various events and at competitions. Her talent and admiration of the belly dance has led her to win several titles at various levels. Thus, in addition to receiving the title of the World Junior Champion in Classic Belly Dancing in 2008 she also became the World Junior Vice-Champion in modern dancing technique.

Her love for dancing, persistence and hard work brought her to the Art Gymnasium for Modern Dance in Ljubljana. She grew quickly, personally and as a dancer, during this period of time, but she consistently refused to abandon the stylization, and particularly the belly dance which, in addition to the modern dancing technique, she loved the most. This is why she was seeking for new and new challenges in belly dancing, both at home and abroad. She joined Manca Pavli and her Amaya dance company, featuring also as a solo performer. After the successfully passed audition in 2011, she took part at the European Tour of the Bellydance Evolution Group which was managed by the world renowned dancer, Jillina. Nika won the greatest European belly dance competition organised by Leyla Jouvana as much as three times, having been awarded the title of the Belly Dancer of the Year; in addition, she also won the prestigious competition in Blackpool organised by Bellydance Superstars. At the same time she participated at competitions organised by IDO. In the period from 2008 to 2014, Nika had defended the title of the junior and adult national champion of the classic and show category, and in 2013 she won the world championship in show solo orient in adult categories, and in 2014 Nika became the Adult World Champion in classic solo orient category. Nika is the only dancer in the world who may be praised for winning the title of the Junior and the Adult World Champion in IDO.

Beside regular participation on workshops of various dance styles, she completed: 8 Elements™: Recognition of Initiation, which was designed and implemented by Rachel Brice, a world renowned dancer of Tribal fusion orient technique; Phase 3: Dance Teacher certification, implemented by Slovenian Dance Organisation; Journey through Egypt phase 1&2 by anthropologist and world renowned dancer in classical oriental dance, Sahra Saeeda.

It is her wish to be as creative as possible in her dancing and to connect and unitee everybody who shares her wishes. She is also the author of two dance productions: "Layali al Sharq" was the show in which only belly dancers performed whereas "Seven" was the performance in which several dancing techniques were combined and to which Nika's sister Sara Mlakar, Roman Urek, a hip-hop dancer and Boštjan Špehonja, a latin and standard dancer, contributed their choreography designs and ideas. Sharing her knowledge with others, she holds training sessions and workshops regularly organised by ProDC in Nova Gorica and by Libero Dance Centre in Ljubljana, and she teaches at workshops all over the world (Europe, Asia,...).

Nika feels the best when she dances the belly dance, both the classical and tribal fusion techniques; and yet, she loves to link the belly dancing with other dancing techniques, particularly with some methods used by modern dancing technique and the ballet, which she combines with the wellness philosophy that she currently studies.

Foxycat Alice (Hongkong)
Nika ShowgaleFestival hoch


Foxycat Alice started her dancing career at the age of 4 with the Traditional Chinese Peacock Dance.

Step by step and year by year she invented the unique Peacock Fusion Bellydance  and in 2010 she raised the "Foxcat Dance Tribe".

Even at the early age of 5 she appeared on TV. At the age of 8 she developed her own choreographies.

Her art of dancing is not only revealing to style but its a very special combination of Jazz, Ballet, Poping und Bellydance.

Foxycat Alice travels the whole world, is a well-known teacher and coach and furthermore she performs with all the superstars of oriental dance.

Foxycat Alice's Website

Queenie (BEL) - BD of the World Solo Classical

 Queenie is an international multi award winning belly dance performer, instructor and coach, based in Belgium.

Her style ranges from soft and elegant to dynamic and powerful, smoothly transitioning between moods and rhythms,
always revealing her musicality in dance. Driven by sharing her love and passion for the music, the dance, the art, she is an enthusiastic, motivating and generous teacher and coach. She has won several awards, including Joy
Rising Star and Bellydancer of the World 2011.



Amira Abdi (UKR)


Amira Abdi is a professional oriental and folklore dancer and choreographer, director of oriental dance school «Amira» in Kiev, producer, organizer and choreographer of dance shows and concerts, orientalist and organizer of International Oriental Dance festival «Arabiana» in Kiev.

Dance Awards: Ukraine belly dance and folklore dance champion in 2005 and 2006, owner of the title Renaissance of the Dance in Bastet International Festival in 2006, vice Bellydancer of the World 20012, folklore dance

At the age of 8 Amira started practicing classical ballet and folklore dances. At the age of 14 after visiting her relatives in the Middle East she fell in love with oriental culture and started studying oriental dance together with Arabic language, history and art.
In order to learn more about eastern culture Amira has traveled all over the Middle East. She improved her skills in oriental and Egyptian folklore dance by taking private classes with Mahmoud Reda and Raqia Hassan. Amira Abdi graduated from National Academy of Culture and Arts with a degree of B.F.A. in folklore choreography and has 15 years of teaching
In 2002 she founded the first oriental dance school in Kiev and created her own method of teaching stage oriental dance combining traditional Egyptian approach with classical ballet, yoga and sport techniques. Since 2000 till now Amira performs in official concerts, different shows of international level and takes part in TV shows. Since 2007 she is a member of jury of international competitions
In 2009 Amira Abdi founded the first professional oriental dance ensemble in Ukraine, which won numerous awards in Ukrainian and International dance competitions.
In 2017 Dance Ensemble under the direction of Amira Abdi was officially awarded by honored title Peoples Dance Ensemble.

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wezyBETLAS0) ; (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4giuRFboy4)
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E35tzGhjLjg) ;




Vanesa Moreno (ES) 
VanesaMoreno DozentinFestival hoch

Vanesa Moreno is a Spanish bellydance coach, choreograph and dancer.

She invented the so called "Fusión Oriental" in 2005, is giving workshops on festivals and is teaching lessons in Gijón.

She has given so many workshops on events in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, San Sebastián, Valencia,...) organized by Samara Hayat, Munique Neith, Esalim, Victoria Ivanova, Analia Alfonzo and Ivana Michlig.

She furthermore even took part at Raqia Hassan's "Ahlan Wa Sahlan" festival in Egypt.

At the age of 6 she started up doing the ballett dance.

Later on she learned flamenco, tango, salsa und zouk.

Vanesa ist a pure musician and is continously improving her fundamental knowledge.

Vanesa Moreno's Website




Esmii (FR)
Esmii DozentinFestival hoch

Esmii found her love for art, circus and dance even in her childhood.

Since she was 9 years old, she studied Modern Jazz. At the age of 17 she found her love for Bellydance. In real short time she got famous in the Bellydance-Scene of South France. She specialized herself in weddingdances and learned a lot about oriental dance by women of other nations.

She started teaching in her hometown Toulouse und took part in many events.

In 2010 and 2011 Esmii improved in combining (Folklore, Bellydance, Modern, Dancehall, Tahitian), that influenced her whole life through. She invented her own show "Jute là", which consists of workshops and acting on stage in South France.

After that Esmii became part of the famous Hip-Hop formation "Juste Debout School". While taking part in a nine month lasting education, she returned to her roots in African dance and develops her very own style which is the combination of classical African tribes dance and bellydance.

Meanwhile Esmii acts as a teacher in many workshops in France and all round the world. 





Lejla Mehmedovic (BIH) 
Lejla kleinweb

Born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lejla was determined at the age of four that she wanted a career as a dancer.

She choreographed her first piece at the age of 9, and she started to work as a dance teacher when she was only 16 years old.

Lejla has studied various styles of dance such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Modern and Show Dance. Lejla has had great experiences
working as both a dancer and choreographer in theatre and television, and has worked on few plays as an associate for stage movement. She is often hired as a stage movement expert to work with singers, models and actors.

Even tough she had experience in bellydancing, in 2006 she decieded to study it more and after a year she held her first bellydance class and later, opened her own dance studio in 2010. Since then, she is fully committed to promoting this style of dance and wants to focus on educating women about positive effects of bellydance.

Because of her background, she prefers Bellydance Fusion where she combines various dance styles and theatrical approach with Bellydance.

In 2013, she won first place at the "Bellydancer of the World" competition in the Belly Fusion category. She also won 1st place two times in a row as choreographer, trainer and dancer in Classical group category and 3rd and 2nd place in Fusion group category in 2015 and 2016 at this prestigious competition.

Lejla received numerous awards for her work as choreographer and dancer. One of her greatest dance achievement is dancing with Bellydance Evolution company on European tour 2015.



Kristina Mnoyan (RUS)
KristinaMnoyan5 kleinweb

 Kristina started to dance when she was a child of 4 years. Her main teacher was/is the wonderful Kristina Kozhul (RUS).

Additionally Kristina studied a lot with the legendary Madame Raqia Hassan and learned also from many Festival- Star-teachers like Katia Eshta, Aida Bogomolova, Nourhan Sharif, Alla Kushnir, Khalid Mahmoud, Sahar Samara, Hoda Ibrahim, Mohamed Shahin, Alla Vats, Diva Darina.

Kristina is now a multi awarded dancer and winner of the most important Competitions in the World. Here is a small list, where she has won:

Winner of the "Raqia Hassan's Cup" on Cairo Mirage festival in Moscow in 2017. https://youtu.be/hyiyywCDsjA

Winner of the " Queen of the Rithm 2016 " in San Francisco with Alla Kushnir.

Winner of the " Contest BellyDancer of the world 2016 " in Germany.

The Winner of some championships ( Vice winner of the World Championship ).

Also winner of the " Goddes of the BellyDance " festival in Russia.

Now in 2017, Kristina is proudly becoming a Teacher at Raqia Hassan´s AHLAN WA SAHLAN Festival in Cairo and at Leyla Jouvanas & Rolands OFE!

Kristinas YouTube channel, with many different videos/performances: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz7B2yqoF3iSxrdYixKoxuA 


Elisa Saha (DE)

In 2007 Elisa found her passion for bellydance and since then not only focusses on Oriental Dances but also Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion Bellydance and Indian Dances/Fusion. Her main interest was dancing in groups and the fun of the classical improvisation. She completed her certificate as a BlackSheep BellyDance Level 1 teacher in 2012 and gives weekly classes in Wuppertal. Attending weekly and monthly national and international classes in Tribal Fusion, ATS, Oriental Dances and Indian Dances/Fusion she completed the ProTrack in August 2016 at Tribal Umrah, a weeklong dance intensive with renown teachers like Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Samantha Emanuel, Ashley Lopez and many more.

In 2015 she strived to teach Tribal Fusion classes in Wuppertal and since 2017 also Oriental Dance in Düsseldorf and now at Leyla Jouvanas & Rolands Center for Oriental Dance in Duisburg/Germany . Her passion to dance with others next to her Solo dancing brought her to dance in Leyla Jouvana's show group and Cristina Zegarra's 'Coaldust'. Other important projects are her
collaboration with her aunt Heike Humphreys aka Akasha, the BlackSheep BellyDance duet 'Crystal Moon' and her joining Lisa Müller-Albrecht's 'Con-Fusion' in 2017.

Her personal style combines her love for alternative music and the play with the classical and unusual movement repertoire from the interest in natural religion, subculture and her favourite ages, Jugendstil and 1970's.

2012 BlackSheep BellyDance Teacher Certficate Level 1
2014 Teacher of  BlackSheep BellyDance in Wuppertal
2014/2015 Dancer in Leyla Jouvana's Show Group, Bellydancer of the World 2014/15 Dancer in the Bollywood-Project of Sophia Chariarse
2015 Teacher Tribal Fusion Bellydance in Wuppertal, Germany ; Mitglied der Gruppe 'Coaldust', Bellydancer of the World 2015/2016
BlackSheep Duo with Heike Humphreys (memberof BlackSheep BellyDance)
2016 Member of the BlackSheep BellyDance Duo 'Crystal Moon' 
Abschluss des ProTrack 2016 (Professional Track) bei Tribal Umrah
2017 Teacher for Oriental Dance and Tribal Bellydance in Dance studio Osiris
2017 Teacher for Tribal, Tribal Fusion & Black Sheep Belly Dance & Showgroup In Leyla Jouvanas & Rolands Centre for Orient. Dance in Duisburg, Germany



Carmina (SYR / DE) - BD of the World 2015 Solo Oriental 


Carmina tanzt bereits seit ihrer frühen Kindheit:

Nach 4 Jahren Ballett im Stadttheater Duisburg und erster Bühnenerfahrung in der Kindheit, folgten Sportarten, wie Leichtathletik, Kickboxen und Fußball. Sie widmete sich auch der Musik- und Rhythmuslehre, lernte das Schlagzeugspielen und entdeckte dann auch schließlich sehr früh ihre größte Leidenschaft - den Orientalischen Tanz.
Die Musik und Teile der Bewegungen sind ihr aus ihren eigenen Wurzeln nicht fremd und die Farben und Kostüme haben sie von Beginn an fasziniert.
Ihr großes Interesse und Recherchen ließen sie auf das Festival von Leyla Jouvana stoßen und ihre Begeisterung wuchs somit immer mehr.
Sie wurde auf die Tanzschule von Leyla Jouvana aufmerksam und nach langjähriger CODE Ausbilung und Unterricht auch bei weiteren zahlreichen internat. Superstars wie z.B. Raqia Hassan, Nika Mlakar, Foxycat Alice, Nadia Nikishenko, Silvia Salamanca, Aziza, etc, ist sie nun auch ein langjähriges Mitglied der Showtanzgruppe und eine beliebte Dozentin der Tanzschule und in anderen Institutionen. Als Dozentin und Tänzerin ist sie mittlerweile auch weit über die Landesgrenzen hinaus gefragt.

Neben dem Orientalischen Tanz interessiert sie sich auch sehr für den zeitgenössischen Tanz, nahm hier ebenfalls an Projekten wie "Dead Reckoning" unter der Leitung von Max Bilitza im Rahmen der Duisburger Akzente und "Carmina Burana" präsentiert von dem Tanztheater von Ulla Weltike teil.

Des Weiteren ist sie eine Choreographin des Teams der Kinderbühne "BAHTALO", welche mit der Leitung von Annegret Keller-Steegmann viele Musical-Projekte auf die Beine stellt, wie z. B. "Strandgut", im Rahmen der Duisburger Akzente.

Für sie ist es eine unglaublich große Ehre, nun auf dem Festival, bei dem sie ihren ersten Kontakt zum orientalischen Tanz hatte, als Dozentin und Tänzerin vertreten zu sein!