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Internat. Showdance Project Group

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The show dance project by the state-recognized and sought-after dancer & choreographer Leyla Jouvana
The project choreographies are taught as a course, but are also available online for the participants and can be relearned at any time!
* Appearance on at least 2 events: BD BBQ & Mega Event 27.OFE Festival (takes place every 2-3 years!) *
Participation is recognized for CODE education as a dancer and dance teacher. Certificates can be issued on request.


Dates 2020

08./09. February
14./15. March
1st WE of April or May or June
05./06. September
03./04. October
07./08. November or 31.10./01.11.


with performances at BD BBQ June 20th, 2020 and 27th OFE 2020
and further festivals/championships possible

Saturdays 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm & Sundays 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Costs: 40,00 € (per day)


International Show Dance Project with Leyla Jouvana 
(With lovely worldwide participants, 2019 for example from Mali, Argentina, England, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Croatia, Germany, etc.)

For advanced dancers! We develop skilled group choreographies for OFE Orient. Festival, BD BBQ, other festivals and championships according to your wishes, tours etc. Theme, costume (price, type) will be voted: z. B. Classic or folklore or fantasy / fusion, utensils

eg Shaabi, Baladi, Tarab, Veil Dances (of all kinds etc), Drum Solo, Balkan, Melaya, Shamadan, Cane Dance, Saoudi, Sword, Span-Arabic, Mouwashahat, Dabke, Gypsy, Bollywood Afro-Samba, etc. Overnight stays in studio can be arranged for those from further afield.


Some extra rehearsals / try outs may take place without Leyla.



Feedback from Lisette (NL)

Hi leyla!
Thanks for the wonderfull lessons yesterday and today! LOVED THEM! I like the choreography also very much! Thank you for your feedback when i left today! See you in a month! Have a nice holiday and see you in august!

Feedback from  Andrea (CH)

Hallo Leyla,
zuerst möchte ich nochmals danke sagen, es hat so Spass gemacht für mich das 1. Weekend in der Projektgruppe! Ich bin so froh, dass Du mich angefragt hast! Die Reise ist halt jeweils etwas lang, aber es lohnt sich! Es war intensiv und so schön! Super Choreo! Du erklärst auch alles ganz klar, jetzt heisst es einfach üben! Ich bin froh, wenn Du mich korrigierst, so lerne ich nicht schon von Anfang an etwas falsch! Danke für Deine Geduld!
Vielen Dank und ich freue mich schon aufs Sept. Weekend!

Feedback from Anna

Dear Leyla
it is an honor for me to get invited to your project group!!! I have learnt so much from you during our preparation! the sky is the limit and it is still so much for me to learn (even on the elementary level((((.I appreciate every your comment that you made! I love your style, choreos and the way you teach!!!
I am looking forward to our performance!!!
also I want to join your CODE education.

with kindest regards
Anna Fanina


Feedback from Petra

Liebe Leyla,
Ich wollte es nur noch mal betonen, dass ich sehr gerne in deiner Projekt-Gruppe bin und ich halte Deinen Unterricht für das Beste überhaupt, und ich schätze deine Anweisungen, auch wenn es nicht immer sichtbar ist, dass man daran zu Hause arbeitet.

Liebe Grüße

Petra Prem



Feedback from Nina (Oslo)

Hi Leyla !


I loved your festival, it was great . Hope more Norwegians will join the festival, I spoke warmly of it when I came home.
Everybody was so friendly, I liked the athmosphere.
I will look into if it’s possible for me to join your project group. Something tells me strongly that this is the time. 
I really want to learn more from you. I love your dynamic and feminine style, and your choreos are wonderful
Best regards!
Nina  from Oslo