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  • 26th Dance Festival of Europe
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BDSS-Event 2013

8th/9th June 2013 - WS at Tanzschule Leyla Jouvana & 2 Gala Shows at Theater Grammatikoff

ClubBellydance LogoBDSS Club Bellydance Show with BDSS Moria Chappell, Sabrina Fox, Sabah und Leyla Jouvana & Roland mit Ensemble and many more.

Saturday, 8th June 2013
Entry: 7:00 pm
Show: 7:30 pm


Sunday, 9th June 2013
Entry: 6:00 pm
Show: 6:30 pm


Tickets in advanced 22 - 26 Euro
Buy Tickety via Theater Grammatikoff

Venue: Theater Grammatikoff, Dellplatz 16a, 47051 Duisburg-City



BDSS BDSSEvent2013 quer

BDSS Sabah, Moria Chappell & Sabrina Fox

EnsembleLeyla BDSSEvent2013 quer

Ensemble Leyla Jouvana

FormationLeyla BDSSEvent2013 quer

Showgroups Leyla Jouvana


8th/9th June 2013 - WS with BDSS-Stars
1 WS = 37 Euro, for each additional WS 5 Euro discount


Sabah BDSSEvent2013 hoch8th June 2013
Advance Your Dance
WS with Sabah

This workshop goes through a variety of subjects on how to advance your belly dance technique taking the basic steps and refining and polishing them to an advanced level. Topics will include stage worthy arms, weight change, balance, footwork, secure vs emergency shimmies, grounded vs floating hip accents, arabesque concepts and conquering turns. We will then put all of these concepts together into combos and mini-choreography ideas that can be inserted into your own routines.

3:30 - 5:30 pm



SabrinaFox BDSSEvent2013 hoch

9th June 2013
Up-Tempo Tribal-Fusion Choreo
WS with Sabrina Fox

Up-tempo Stylized choreography, includes detailed instruction on tribal fusion stylized techniques. This is a great workshop for all performance level dancers.

 12:00 - 2:00 pm




Moria BDSSEvent2013 hoch9th June 2013
WS with Moria Chappell

Serpentine is a study in the sultry and strong movements that comprise slow tribal dancing. In this workshop you will earn the flexibility and strength required to make slow, fluid movements that drip from combination to combination. Bellyrolls, half-sided belly isolation, and reverse bellyrolls will be featured as well as how to integrate these subtle muscular isolations into movements that read strongly on stage. Liquid arms and body flow, facial and hand expression, as well as maintaining a strong posture from the upper back are emphasized. You will learn control and isolation while dancing with the grace and strength required for slow techniques. Visualize receiving movement through one part of your body while keeping the audiences attention as you send it out to create expression from your face through your fingertips. Emphasis will be placed on laybacks, flexibility, and some floor-work. Kneepads are recommended. All levels are welcome. 2:30 - 4:30 pm



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